Momi Sheikh (Lawyer – Actor – Model – Youtuber)

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Momi Sheikh


Born: 22 March 1998, Lahore, Pakistan

Qualification: LLB

Hobby: Acting & Modeling

Instagram: mo_mi_shk

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Momi Sheikh

By profession, Momi Sheikh is a Pakistani Lawyer. Momi Sheikh is also an actor, and model in Pakistan show business industry. He introduced himself as a TV artiste.

Momi Sheikh

He starts working on showbiz as an actor. This journey to be a good actor is very tough for him because there are too many competitors for him. He starts his role in sides actors but he has a motto “Never Surrender (Kabhi Har Mat Mano). So he continued his struggle and proved himself a good actor. First, he acted in 24 news program “Inkashaf”. The startup in showbiz looked very wonderful for him. The first two projects of Inkashaf program changed his life. He appeared in much more showbiz project just like songs, movies, and others where he got many appreciations. Now he is known as a well-known celebrity in the showbiz industry.

Momi Sheikh
Momi Sheikh
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